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WWE: Twist of Fate - The Matt and Jeff Hardy Story

Film Informatie

Release datum: 27.06.2008
101 minuten
MPA-rating: TV-14
Genre: Actie
Acteurs: Rob Van Dam, John Hennigan, Bob Uecker, Randy Savage


WWE: Twist of Fate - The Matt and Jeff Hardy Story (2008)

Actie  |   1 uur 41 minuten


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Twist of Fate: The Matt and Jeff Hardy Story includes two features in one--as each brother gets a chance to shine in the spotlight. First Matt Hardy was born to wrestler--from his earliest days in homemade rings he and his brother created through his unbelievable matches on WWE SmackDown. The road to the top wasn't always smooth, including some behind-the-scenes battles with other superstars that spilled into the ring. After Matt's complete story is shared, Jeff Hardy's rise to the top is covered, as the enigmatic one has ascended from one of the top tag teams in WWE history to a wildly popular singles star on Raw and SmackDown. Twist of Fate examines his colorful career in and out of the ring.


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