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The Velveteen Rabbit

Film Informatie

97 minuten
MPA-rating: G
Genres: Animatie, Drama, Familie
Acteurs: Wendee Lee, Steven Crowder, Tom Skerritt, Jane Seymour


The Velveteen Rabbit (2009)

Animatie, Drama, Familie  |   1 uur 37 minuten


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Sensitive young Toby is deeply saddened when his doted father John, who buried himself in work when widowed, dumps the boy for weeks, including Christmas, on his stern old mother, grim widow Ellen. Beside the stuck-up lady's driver-butler Henry, Toby finds comfort only with a velveteen cuddly rabbit and other animal toys in his father's childhood room, which come to life in his mind when he plays with them. Drama over rabbit and boy stirs crucial emotions in both family and fantasy toy land. —KGF Vissers


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