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Release jaar: 2018
87 minuten
MPA-rating: PG-13
Genres: Actie, Avontuur, Familie
Acteurs: Jamie Kennedy, Jon Voight


Surviving the Wild (2018)

Actie, Avontuur, Familie  |   1 uur 27 minuten


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Against the wishes of his parents (who are in the midst of a messy divorce), a young boy steals the ashes of his dead Grandfather and runs away into the wilderness with his dog. The boy is determined to fulfill his beloved Grandpa's dying wishes and spread his ashes atop a remote mountain. Along the treacherous journey, the boy and the dog are accompanied by the ghost of his Grandpa, who helps them on their journey, brings the family back together and gives the boy one last chance to say goodbye.

trailer Surviving the Wild


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