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Release datum: 04.05.2003
128 minuten
MPA-rating: Not Rated
Genres: Biografie, Drama, Komedie
Acteurs: Rachel York, Olivia Tennet, LaChanze, Danny Pino


Lucy (2003)

Biografie, Drama, Komedie  |   2 uur 08 minuten


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After her grandfather is financially ruined in a lawsuit over a shooting accident, Lucille 'Lucy' Ball pursues her dream of fame as actress. She succeeds in comical parts, often the girl who gets the cake in her face. Then she meets and soon marries the love of her life, Desiderio 'Desi' . Ricky, Latin band leader and aristocratic son of an exiled Cuban mayor. Desi proves a business genius, who gets a revolutionary method adopted to gain production control of the sitcom "I Love Lucy", a format devised for him and Lucy to star in. Despite offspring, their family life soon gets into stormy waters, mainly due to his infidelity, gambling and temper. —KGF Vissers


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