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Release datum: 30.04.2011
92 minuten
MPA-rating: R
Genres: Drama, Thriller, Misterie
Acteurs: Christopher Lloyd, Adam Baldwin, Sean Patrick Flanery, Natalie Zea


InSight (2011)

Drama, Thriller, Misterie  |   1 uur 32 minuten


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Kaitlyn, an emergency room nurse, who is tending to a young stabbing victim, is accidentally electrocuted by the defibrillator that is used in an effort to save the woman's life. Almost immediately, Kaitlyn starts to experience the victim's memories. She turns to family, friends, and the police, but no one takes her seriously. She decides that she must take it upon herself to try to solve the crime, or risk the terrifying visions ending in her own sanity being at stake. Ultimately, Kaitlyn teams up with the detective on the case and weaves her way through the victim's past, to discover not only the brutal truth, but also some very unexpected lessons about life, love, sorrow, and forgiveness along the way.

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