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Air Rage

Film Informatie

Release datum: 24.07.2001
99 minuten
MPA-rating: R
Genres: Actie, Avontuur
Acteurs: Joey Sagal, Steve Hytner, Alex Cord, Gil Gerard


Air Rage (2001)

Actie, Avontuur  |   1 uur 39 minuten


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When a Marine Colonel orders his men to massacre a village they were sent to rescue some hostages but when they found them dead they decide to get some payback. Upon returning to the States the Colonel would be court-martialed and made a plea agreement wherein all the blame is on him and his men would be discharged and receive any benefits they're entitled. But the General presiding over his trial chooses not to agree to the agreement and throws the book at the Colonel and has his men dishonorably discharged thus eliminating all their benefits. When the Colonel is being transported, his men bust him out. Sometime later the General has been appointed to an important government position he boards a plane to go on his latest assignment. The Colonel and his men are also on the plane. They takeover the plane. When the tower learns of the deviation a government man arrives and upon learning of the Colonel's presence on the plane sends a team to get on board the plane while in flight. When they get on, the Colonel and his men find them and kill them except for the leader who pretended to be dead. Now he alone has to stop the Colonel and his only help is the flight attendant. —[email protected]


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