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Release jaar: 2014
104 minuten
Genre: Drama


Yokudô (2014)

Drama  |   1 uur 44 minuten


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Chihiro is depressed and obsessed with his own mortality. Chihiro and his wife, Yuri (Yoko Mitsuya), decide to take a trip to Bali, Indonesia to see his pregnant sister, Kumi (Kiki Sugino). They hope the trip can bring about change. Yuri, while supportive on the surface, is more concerned with Kumi's approaching labor than her own marital troubles. Kumi's good-nature Dutch husband (film writer Tom Mes) does what he can to smooth the waters, but his role in the drama is limited. Feeling distraught and lonely after a tumultuous argument with Chihiro, Yuri succumbs to the advances of a local beach boy and professional gigolo Wayan (Sunny Cornelio), but this sexual healing proves temporary. Will Chihiro and Yuri go their separate ways, or can they reconcile before Chihiro's final moments? —Daniel Lai

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