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The Ugly Duckling

Film Informatie

Release jaar: 1959
84 minuten
Genres: Komedie, Misdaad
Acteurs: Jon Pertwee, Bernard Bresslaw


The Ugly Duckling (1959)

Komedie, Misdaad  |   1 uur 24 minuten


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Henry Jeckle was always the outsider, a bungling and awkward buffoon, relegated to waiting for his invitation to participate in life that never arrived: until he discovers a medical formula developed by a dead uncle, which claimed to turn 'a man of timid disposition into a bold, fearless dragon'. Taking a draught of the elixir Henry is transformed into suave, sophisticated and highly desirable Teddy Hyde. Armed with his new persona, Teddy is ready to face the world; but is Henry ready for the consequences? —Anonymous


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