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The Survivors

Film Informatie

Release jaar: 1983
103 minuten
Genres: Drama, Komedie, Misdaad
Acteurs: Robin Williams, John Goodman, Walter Matthau, Jerry Reed


The Survivors (1983)

Drama, Komedie, Misdaad  |   1 uur 43 minuten


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Sonny Paluso and Donald Quinelle are two unfortunate people who have just lost their jobs; Sonny's gas station has been blown away and Donald has just been fired by his boss's parrot! But that day, their lives change when they prevent a robber from holding up a bar, and they become heroes. Unfortunately, Jack (the robber) gets away, and when he sees Donald's face on the TV, he decides to go after them. In the meantime, Donald becomes obsessed with guns and leaves for the mountains to join a survivalist group...

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