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The Silence

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Release jaar: 2010
118 minuten
Genres: Drama, Misdaad, Thriller
Acteurs: Ulrich Thomsen, Sebastian Blomberg, Karoline Eichhorn


The Silence (2010)

Drama, Misdaad, Thriller  |   1 uur 58 minuten


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In 1986 an 11-year-old schoolgirl is raped and murdered by Peer Sommer while his friend Timo watches silently from the passenger seat of his car. Timo leaves after the murder, to Sommer's dismay. In 2009, exactly 23 years later, a 13-year-old girl goes missing and her bicycle is discovered in the same spot where the first crime happened. Senior detective Mittich, who investigated the original murder takes an interest in the new case, but he is blocked from participating by the new senior detective. Are the two murders related or it's just a coincidence? Will Timo approach the police finally after 23 years of silence? —[email protected]

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