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The Premonition

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Release jaar: 1976
94 minuten
Genres: Actie, Horror, Science-Fiction, Thriller
Acteurs: Danielle Brisebois, Sharon Farrell, Richard Lynch, Jeff Corey


The Premonition (1976)

Actie, Horror, Science-Fiction, Thriller  |   1 uur 34 minuten


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This Thriller/horror movie tells the tale of a young girl who is terrified that her insane mother will take her away from her beloved foster mother. One day, the crazed real mother attempts to contact the girl at school, but her foster mother has a premonition and gets there in time to protect the girl. Eventually though, the real mother and her boy friend, a carnival clown, succeed and takes her away, leaving the bereaved foster parents to enlist the assistance of a parapsychologist to help them interpret the foster mother's terrifying dreams and psychic connection to the girl and find her before it is too late.


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