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The Path: Afterlife

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Release datum: 12.02.2009
71 minuten
MPA-rating: Not Rated
Genre: Documentaire


The Path: Afterlife (2009)

Documentaire  |   1 uur 11 minuten


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This documentary will educate, shed light and explore the many theories of the soul's purpose. Our goal is to cover various areas of energy medicine, paranormal encounters, holistic healing, Eastern medicine and much, much more.The Path will show the metaphysical to the mainstream audience and then prove it using quantum physics and string theory. One of the goals in making the documentary is to continue to raise the vibrational level of the universe and shed more light on the realm of holistic healing. The DVD series will be targeted to the mainstream American audience in order to educate people to consider alternative practices to achieve optimal health and overall a higher quality of living.

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