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The Padre

Film Informatie

Release jaar: 2018
98 minuten
MPA-rating: R
Genre: Drama
Acteurs: Tim Roth, Nick Nolte, Luis Guzmán


The Padre (2018)

Drama  |   1 uur 38 minuten


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It tells the story of the Padre (Roth), a small-time con man on the run from his dogged pursuers, U.S. Court Justice Nemes (Nolte) and local police officer Gaspar (Guzmán). When the Padre is caught mid-con, he flees the scene in a stolen car, unaware that a precocious 16-year-old girl, Lena (Henriquez), is stowing away in the back seat. After she blackmails him into letting her join his journey, the duo plan their biggest heist yet - not always aware of the dangers of working with each other and the law closing in on them.


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