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The Damned Don't Cry

Film Informatie

Release datum: 13.05.1950
103 minuten
MPA-rating: Approved
Genres: Drama, Misdaad, Romantiek, Thriller, Film-Noir
Acteurs: Joan Crawford, Strother Martin, Dabbs Greer, Ned Glass


The Damned Don't Cry (1950)

Drama, Misdaad, Romantiek, Thriller, Film-Noir  |   1 uur 43 minuten


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The murder of gangster Nick Prenta touches off an investigation of mysterious socialite Lorna Hansen Forbes, who seems to have no past, and has now disappeared. In flashback, we see the woman's anonymous roots; her poor working-class marriage, which ends in tragedy and her determination to find "better things." Soon finding that sex appeal is her only salable commodity, she climbs from man to man toward the center of a nationwide crime syndicate...a very perilous position.

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