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Sylvie et le fantôme

Film Informatie

Release jaar: 1946
97 minuten
Genres: Fantasie, Komedie, Romantiek
Acteur: Jacques Tati


Sylvie et le fantôme (1946)

Fantasie, Komedie, Romantiek  |   1 uur 37 minuten


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On the eve of her 16th birthday, Sylvie's father needs cash to stay in his castle so he sells Sylvie's favorite thing, a painting of Alain, the lover of Sylvie's grandmother, killed in a duel. Alain's ghost lives in the castle and Sylvie senses his presence, thinks she loves him, and fears that romance from the living will never come her way. Dad prepares a midnight surprise for Sylvie and her party guests: the appearance of the phantom. He's hired an actor, but two young men in love with Sylvie also volunteer to don white robes: Fred, the rich kid who bought the painting, and Ramure, a jewel thief in hiding. The youths declare their love, and Alain's ghost helps resolve all.


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