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Summer Hours

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Release jaar: 2008
103 minuten
Genres: Drama, Familie
Acteurs: Juliette Binoche, Sara Martins, Kyle Eastwood, Jérémie Renier


Summer Hours (2008)

Drama, Familie  |   1 uur 43 minuten


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In a small town, Hélène is a family matriarch who has devoted her life to preserving the legacy of her artist uncle. However, while her eldest son, Frédéric, wants to preserve her home after her passing, she harbors no such illusions as she prepares her legacy. After her death, her children realize what she anticipated as they come to terms with their inheritance's place in their own lives. In the resulting disposition of their mother's assets, treasured heirlooms of a romantic family past drift away even as their changing modern world confronts the value of their memories.

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