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Release jaar: 1996
96 minuten
Genres: Fantasie, Komedie, Misterie
Acteurs: Katherine LaNasa, Steven Soderbergh, Eddie Jemison, Betsy Brantley


Schizopolis (1996)

Fantasie, Komedie, Misterie  |   1 uur 36 minuten


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Fletcher Munson is a lethargic, passive worker for a Scientology-like self-help corporation called Eventualism. After the death of a colleague, he is promoted to the job of writing speeches for T. Azimuth Schwitters, the founder and head of the group. He uses this as an excuse to be emotionally and romantically distant from his wife, who, he discovers, is having an affair with his doppelganger, a dentist named Dr. Jeffrey Korchek. As Munson fumbles with the speech and Korchek becomes obsessed with a new patient, a psychotic exterminator named Elmo Oxygen goes around the town seducing lonely wives and taking photographs of his genitals.

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