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No Man's Land

Film Informatie

Release jaar: 2001
98 minuten
MPA-rating: R
Genres: Drama, Oorlog
Acteurs: Simon Callow, Katrin Cartlidge


No Man's Land (2001)

Drama, Oorlog  |   1 uur 38 minuten


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After various skirmishes, two wounded soldiers, one Bosnian and one Serb, confront each other in a trench in the no man's land between their lines. They wait for dark, trading insults and even finding some common ground; sometimes one has the gun, sometimes the other, sometimes both. Things get complicated when another wounded Bosnian comes to, but can't move because a bouncing mine is beneath him. The two men cooperate to wave white flags, their lines call the UN (whose high command tries not to help), an English reporter shows up, a French sergeant shows courage, and the three men in no man's land may or may not find a way to all get along.

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