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My Baby Is Missing

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Release jaar: 2007
Genres: Drama, Misdaad, Thriller
Acteurs: Warren Christie, Gina Philips, Ellie Harvie, Jay Brazeau


My Baby Is Missing (2007)

Drama, Misdaad, Thriller


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The pregnant Jenna Davis is a workaholic worker of an advertisement agency near to give birth that has just been promoted to vice-president by her boss. Jenna is stressed and her doctor finds that her pressure is high; so he suggests her to call a nurse to help her. The nurse Lynn Mallory comes to her house and gives some pills to Jenna that sleeps. When she awakes in the hospital, she learns that she has delivered a stillborn baby girl that has been accidentally cremated. Jenna calls the baby's father Tom Robbins that lives in another town to give support to her. When Detective Dana Hoch, who is in charge of the investigation, believes that Jenna has killed the baby to keep her job position, Jenna and Tom decide to investigate the incident and find what has really happened with their daughter.


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