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Malibu Express

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Release jaar: 1985
105 minuten
Genres: Komedie, Misdaad, Thriller, Misterie
Acteurs: Sybil Danning, Robyn Hilton, Darby Hinton, Regis Philbin


Malibu Express (1985)

Komedie, Misdaad, Thriller, Misterie  |   1 uur 45 minuten


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Smooth-talking Texan sexy cowboy and ambitious private investigator Cody Abilene is assigned by the cryptic Contessa Luciana with the task of watching over the eccentric and well-off Lady Lillian Chamberlain after following up on a lead. In the meantime, an elusive traitor and a serious threat to National security is acting as a courier stealing state-of-the-art computer technology right under the government's nose and selling it back to the Russians. Inevitably, the bodies will soon start piling up as the inconspicuous Cody who infiltrates the luxurious Chamberlain's villa in Bel-Air will unearth a family member's involvement with a project led by the nefarious computer magnate Jonathan Harper. Without a doubt, someone wants desperately Cody dead, however, between murder, blackmail and espionage, good old Cody will always help any woman in distress because after all, there will always be knights in the world.

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