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Love Nowadays

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Release jaar: 2009
128 minuten
Genres: Drama, Komedie, Romantiek
Acteur: Mandi Sidhu


Love Nowadays (2009)

Drama, Komedie, Romantiek  |   2 uur 08 minuten


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London-based Jai Vardhan Singh and Meera Pandit meet, fall in love, and she introduces him to her family. Shortly thereafter, they decide to part as she wants to re-locate to India to restore heritage buildings, while he re-locates to America. Restauranteur Veer Singh attempts to convince Jai to pursue her, as he had pursued Harleen Kaur back in 1965 India, but Jai moves on and falls in love with Caucasian Jo, while Meera is all set to get marry her employer, Vikram Joshi.

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