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Juvenile Delinquents

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Release datum: 30.07.2020
118 minuten
MPA-rating: R
Genre: Drama
Acteur: Demitra Sealy


Juvenile Delinquents (2020)

Drama  |   1 uur 58 minuten


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The Juvenile Delinquents (JD's) attempt to create a new world order following a disastrous series of events that culminates in a catastrophic circumstance capable of seeing them incarcerated. Forced to band together the dysfunctional group of teens fight everything including themselves, as they try to find a purpose for their endangered freedom, which they must protect as repercussions loom. The story starts when five male graduates of juvenile detention out on a lark, run into two drunk girls in the park. This fateful turn reunites two friends and sets all seven teens on a course of misadventure towards bloodshed. Bonds of brotherhood and friendship mix with the unease of being total strangers as abrupt escalations initiate enduring binds. Under duress, group survival requires the teens to conquer problems resulting from their mistakes, desires, competitiveness and core function of resistance to authority. Danny a by-product of his mother's aspirations to marry money tries to lead ...

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