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It Stains the Sands Red

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Release jaar: 2016
92 minuten
Genres: Drama, Horror, Science-Fiction
Acteurs: Juan Riedinger, Dylan Playfair, Brittany Allen, Merwin Mondesir


It Stains the Sands Red (2016)

Drama, Horror, Science-Fiction  |   1 uur 32 minuten


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This is it. What humanity feared the most is already happening, as a virulent pandemic sweeps the globe from end to end like a pitiless scourge, leaving behind legions of freshly-animated decomposing zombies. Under those circumstances, in the carcass of a levelled Las Vegas, a totally unprepared exotic dancer, Molly, crosses the rugged terrain of the unforgiving desert, driven solely by the will to survive, and a motive even greater than her own life. However, she's not alone. Like a powerful flesh-magnet, Molly attracts a ferocious undead male who is craving for a bite of those fragrant and bright-red offals of hers--and wherever Molly goes, the walking dead predator follows. In the end, do zombies ever get tired?

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