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Heal for Free

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Release jaar: 2014
74 minuten
Genre: Documentaire


Heal for Free (2014)

Documentaire  |   1 uur 14 minuten


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If you are an Earthling, this film has an important and uplifting message for YOU. Featuring Apollo Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Canadian Broadcaster, Dr. David Suzuki, Internet Health Guru, Dr. Joseph Mercola, the film informs us about the little-known fact that the Earth's surface emits a constant stream of electrons, which neutralize the disease-causing free radicals in our bodies, which cause painful, chronic, inflammatory conditions. Clinical trials at the University of Florida at Gainesville have shown that such chronic inflammation can be improved or reversed in 95% of all cases by the regular practice of Grounding and/or of using Grounding resources. —Alexandra Bruce

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