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Release jaar: 1994
113 minuten
MPA-rating: PG-13
Genres: Actie, Komedie
Acteurs: Kirsten Dunst, Michael J. Fox, Nancy Travis, Kirk Douglas


Greedy (1994)

Actie, Komedie  |   1 uur 53 minuten


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Uncle Joe is ageing. He's also a millionaire. That's why his family is trying so very hard to get into his good books. They all want a piece of his empire. Unfortunately Uncle Joe isn't as stupid as his family thinks he is. He can see that his family is only nice to him because they want his money. Along comes Daniel McTeague, a struggling bowler, imported from another city by his family, to put an end to this ridiculous situation. The fight won't be easy, though, because the poor family has a little bit of competition - A beautiful nurse who takes care of Uncle Joe (and no doubt would love to take care of his bank account). Who gets all the money?


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