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Release jaar: 1983
93 minuten
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Acteurs: Dee Wallace, Ed Lauter, Billy Jayne, Jerry Hardin


Cujo (1983)

Horror, Thriller  |   1 uur 33 minuten


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Donna Trenton is a frustrated suburban housewife whose life is in turmoil after her husband learns about her having an affair. Brett Camber is a young boy whose only companion is a Saint-Bernard named "Cujo", who in turn is bitten by a rabid bat. Whilst Vic, Donna's husband is away on business, and thinking over his marital troubles, Donna and her 5-year-old son Tad take her Pinto to Brett Cambers' dad's car shop... the car fails, and "Cujo" is very, very sick...

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