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Concrete Plans

Film Informatie

Release datum: 13.11.2020
91 minuten
MPA-rating: 15
Genre: Thriller
Acteurs: Amber Rose Revah, Steve Speirs, James Lance, Chris Reilly


Concrete Plans (2020)

Thriller  |   1 uur 31 minuten


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High in the remote Welsh mountains, five builders are brought together to renovate a sprawling old farmhouse. Housed in mouldy portacabins, tensions soon simmer between the men and the self-entitled aristocratic homeowner, as well as amongst the rag tag group of men themselves. World-weary old timer Dave and kindly Foreman Bob try to keep the peace. But his nephew Steve falls under the malign influence of bigot Jim, the pair taking a dislike to Viktor, a Ukranian labourer. As the weather closes in and payments are late, tempers fray. Blood is spilled. As the blue-collar men are confronted with an increasingly dark spiral of moral choices, Jim makes an astonishing proposition.


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