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Chupacabra Terror

Film Informatie

Release jaar: 2005
88 minuten
MPA-rating: R
Genre: Horror
Acteurs: Giancarlo Esposito, John Rhys-Davies, Chelan Simmons, Dylan Neal


Chupacabra Terror (2005)

Horror  |   1 uur 28 minuten


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Cryptozoologist Doctor Peña ('Giancarlo Esposito') traps the legendary Chupacabra on a remote Caribbean Island to make his name in the scientific community. When he smuggles it aboard the cruise ship Regent Queen, commanded by Captain Randolph, (John Rhys-Davies), the monster breaks out of the cargo hold and makes a smorgasbord out of the passengers and crew. Navy SEALs are called in to evacuate the ship and battle the monster, but it ultimately comes down to Captain Randolph, his daughter Jenny (Chelan Simmons), and Federal Marshall Lance Thompson ('Dylan Neal') to save the day.


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