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Campbell's Kingdom

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Release jaar: 1957
102 minuten
Genres: Avontuur, Drama
Acteurs: James Robertson Justice, Dirk Bogarde, Robert Brown, Stanley Baker


Campbell's Kingdom (1957)

Avontuur, Drama  |   1 uur 42 minuten


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Bruce Campbell (Sir Dirk Bogarde) arrives in Canada to take over his grandfather's inheritance, an area on the Rockies known as Campbell's Kingdom. Told by doctors he has a short time to live, he just a wants to live quietly up at his grandfather's house in peace. But he soon learns that a dam is being built that will flood Campbell's Kingdom. After locals, who gave money to his grandfather believing there to be oil, but losing their money, they all want the dam to be built to give them jobs. Bruce is given a letter from his grandfather that says he believes there is oil in Campbell's Kingdom, which would stop the work on the dam. Bruce decides to try and clear his grandfather's name and his claim about the oil. In the process, he has to face the forces of nature and ruthless contactor Owen Morgan (Stanley Baker).

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