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Vincent Gallo

Vincent Gallo
  • ° 11 april 1962
  • Buffalo, New York, USA
Vincent Gallo, a man of many talents, was born in Buffalo, New York. He is a middle child, who was born in April 1962. Both his parents had emigrated from Sicily. He has said that "only real Italians are from Buffalo."

He's modeled also, most notable was for Calvin Klein. He was going to be in a movie about Charles Manson, playing the man himself, but clashed with the people behind it, something he is notorious for doing. A man who hates many, Vincent Gallo has an underground cult. Of late he has been working on his second directorial debut, The Brown Bunny (2003). He recently released "Recordings of Music for a Film", which is some of his older music work remastered. A lover of the finer things in life, he adores women, but can't seem to find the one he's looking for, and he will ever be known as the man of many talents.

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