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Sung Hi Lee

Sung Hi Lee
  • ° 1 april 1970
  • Seoul, Korea
She spent a large part of her childhood moving around from city to city, even before the start of her career. Sung Lee was a studious child and teenager spending more time at the librabry than at stay-overs and parties. During a visit to a local night club she joined a pageant which drew attention to her. She soon received a scholarship and started modeling. This led to that and several months later Sung Lee landing in the pages of Playboy. Sung Lee, still a college student, put her academics on hold to pursue modeling in New York City. Her short stature made it hard to land permanent gigs. However, during a trip to Los Angeles she met once more with Playboy and from 1993 to 1998 appeared 12 time for the magazine. While in Los Angeles, she also made movie and silver screen contacts and landed a few parts on Mortal Combat, Nurse Betty, and V.I.P. amongst others, as well as advertisement spots. Sung Hi Lee hasn't forgotten her books and wishes to pursue her degree in sports medicine.

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