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Stephen Tobolowsky

Stephen Tobolowsky
  • ° 30 mei 1951
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
He played Principal Flutie in the unaired "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) pilot episode.

Attended Kimball High School. High School Debate champ.

Attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, with actress Patricia Richardson and playwright Beth Henley during late 1960s and early 1970s.

He was named one of the 100 coolest people in L.A. by Buzz Magazine in the 1990s, he later lost this honor to Andy Dick.

Once held hostage at gunpoint at a supermarket in Snider Plaza

Was almost murdered twice in one week in Hartford, Connecticut by different people. As he admitted, "That's unusual."

Surfing channels in Vancouver recently, he watched himself getting thinner and hairier in old episodes of "Murder One", "Seinfeld" and To develop a plotline for the 1986 film "True Stories" he and rocker David Byrne once stared wordlessly for two hours at Byrne's

One of the actor's heroes is his late aunt, 'Hermine Tobolowsky' , known as the "mother of the Texas Equal Rights Amendment".

Nominated for Tony award as Best Featured Actor in a Play, for role in "Morning's At Seven", May 2002.

Edwin Tobolowsky is his third cousin.

Graduated from the University of Illinois - Urbana, Champaign

His name is pronounced tow-buh-law-skee

Was the lead singer in the first band formed by guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan. They went to school together in Dallas.

Was nominated for Broadway's 2002 Tony Award as Best Actor (Featured Role - Play) for a revival of "Morning's At Seven."

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