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Sam Huntington

Sam Huntington
  • ° 1 april 1982
  • Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA

Sam Huntington started his career in New Hampshire, with his mom's acting company called "the black box" which is where he learned his technique of acting. For 3 summers of his life he worked at "Andy's Summer Playhouse" which is mostly run by children. He then did 4 seasons at the "Perterborough Players" which is a professional theater company. Sam learned for the first time how to work as a professional. He wanted to go to New York City and get an agent at the age of 10, but his mom made him wait until 13. Upon going to NY at 13, he was a hit with his agent and the ball started rolling. At 13, he received a screen test for Disney's hit film, "Jungle 2 Jungle, " and got the part. They filmed for 3 weeks, on location, in Venezuela, and another 2 months in New York City.

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