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Jessica Cauffiel

Jessica Cauffiel
  • ° 30 maart 1976
  • Detroit, Michigan, USA
She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Musical Theatre at The University of Michigan.
Originally auditioned for the role of Paige Prescott in Valentine (2001), but the role eventually went to Denise Richards. However, director Jamie Blanks still wanted her in the film, and gave her the role of Lily Voight, which was expanded for her.
Plays a redhead for the first time as Tori, a publicist from Long Island who befriends the Wayans Bros. in the movie White Chicks.
Agreed to play the role of Ninotchka, the Russian assassin in the action-comedy D.E.B.S. (2004), as long as they hired her friend Ines Wurth, a Croatian who had also lived in Russia, as the dialect coach - because she didn't want to "fake" a Russian accent.
Is a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor.
Sings (credited) on World Music Grammy Finalist album, "Shanti," by Snatam Kaur Khalsa.
Real-life best friend and writing partner is Alanna Ubach, who plays best friend "Serena" in Legally Blonde (2001). Jessica had already been cast as "Margot" and was to read with several actresses vying for the part of Serena. When Alanna walked into the audition, she pulled Jessica aside and said dryly, "Kid, help me out here. I've gotta make rent." Jessica laughed and said, "Okay. I'll stand up and do the scene with you. Just mirror all of my movements." She did: and Margot and Serena were born.
Travels often to India, and speaks Hindi. She is active in several non-profit, NGOs that serve to bring inter-faith harmony amongst the many cultures and spiritual orientations of the world.
She and reknowned Bollywood percussionist and composer Sivamani performed live in Dharamsala, India for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and approximately 20,000 other monks and visitors from around the world, on occasion of the March 10th, 2004 anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day. This was the first time in the 45 year history of this event, that any musicians or entertainers had performed.
She is a trained singer, who has studied for over 14 years in Western Classical, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop, Blues, and Eastern Devotional vocal mediums.
She is currently writing an album with world-reknowned Indian percussionist and composer, "The Wizard," Sivamani. Sivamani has played with thousands of diverse artists, ranging from Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, rapper Jay-Z and jazz great John McLaughlin - to revered Indian Maestros Zakir Hussein, tabla, mandolin Maestro U. Srinivasan, and Shankar, the world's sole master of the double violin, ofen seen and heard on Peter Gabriel's tours and recordings. Sivamani is best known as the right hand man of internationally acclaimed Bollywood virtuoso composer A.R. Rahman, and has composed and played on hundreds of pop and hit filmi soundtracks, as well as Rahman and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway smash, Bombay Dreams. Sivamani and A.R. Rahman have been friends since their early youth, both born and raised in Tamil Nadu, South India.
Audtioned for the role in Stuck on You that ended up going to Eva Mendes, but the directors like her so much they asked her to do a small cameo.
One of her eyes is partly brown. Like fellow actress Kate Bosworth, she also has the Heterochromia Iridium condition.
Her favorite film is "The Goonies," and she has been known to recite the entire movie from memory.

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