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Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey
  • ° 26 maart 1960
  • New York, New York, USA

Daughter of Broadway actor/dancer/choreographer Joel Grey.

Granddaughter of Mickey Katz.

She and Clark Gregg had their first child, daughter Stella, on December 3rd 2001.

Was engaged to Matthew Broderick

Was cast as Gene Wilder's wife in the 1994 sitcom "Something Wilder" (1994), but was replaced when test audiences disapproved of the two lead's age differences in the pilot episode.

Was engaged to Johnny Depp.

Studied acting at New York City's prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse under legendary acting coach, Sanford Meisner.

Is best friends with Tracy Pollan; they met as classmates at the private Dalton School in New York City.

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