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James LeGros

James LeGros
  • ° 27 april 1962
  • Minnesota, USA
It isn't hard to make James LeGros bust a gut laughing. Just call him 'Brad Pitt' Okay, so he doesn't get $6 million a film or have his photo air-kissed by legions of swooming schoolgirls during recess. But if you've caught LeGros' quirky personality, you may wonder why he's still toiling away. But this Minnesota native, despite being tight-lipped on Pitt, LeGros will happily chitchat about his career. LeGros says he isn't very "LA", although he did live there for a short while.

Collects misspellings of his last name
An offbeat favorite in 80s and 90s independent films.
Apprenticed with the South Coast Repertory Theatre in Southern California before ending up in Hollywood in the early 80s.
Married to actress/photographer Kristina Loggia, the daughter of actor Robert Loggia. They have two sons.
When not working on films he divides his time between Los Angeles and Jackson Hole, Wyoming with his wife and two sons.
Last name pronounced Le-GROW.

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