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Claudia Cardinale

Claudia Cardinale
  • ° 15 april 1938
  • Tunis, Tunisia
The doors of cinema opened for Claudia Cardinale like for most Italian divas due to a beauty contest: She was beautiful and studied inter- pretation at the Centro Sperimentale of Rome. With only 17 years she debuted in small roles but she was widely notified with her characterization of Sicilian women. Her marks were her face, her brunette hair, her body and her typical voice. After "Senilita (1961)" she was always in the first row. Among her important films is to be mentioned "8 1/2 (1963)" of Federico Fellini with her partner 'Marcello Mastroiani'. She also worked a couple of times with her husband P. Squitieri.

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